Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, No, Mr. Bill!

Oh, no.

Say it ain't so!

There I was, late last night, plugging along on my Different Lines(by Veera Välimäki.) Loving it, I tell you, just plain loving it. And the end was in sight! I was just going to do two more garter ridges, then switch to larger needles and bind off.

Look how purty! Sure, it needs some aggressive blocking and the edges are all cattywampus (from the ends not being woven in yet, just hidden for your viewing pleasure.) But, as I believe I might have mentioned ...

I. Love. It.

And then ... oh, no, Mr. Bill ... catastrophe hit.

Notice anything odd about my beloved Size #6 ChiaoGoo Red Lace Needles in the next pic?

Right. One end of the cable is sans needle.

And thus, I am sadly sans a finished shawl.

I was able to rescue everything that went kerflooey when the needle separated from the cable ... eventually.

And I will find a way to finish this ASAP, probably using a different needle. I truly love all my Chiaogoo needles, and have never had a problem before this.

And this project, slightly jinxed though it might be?

I. still. kind of love it.

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  1. I might have a set of size 6s in that brand. If I don't they have them at FS. Do you want me to swing by and throw some in the mail?