Monday, August 8, 2011

So How's That Workin' Out For You??

I'm pleased to report that I finished Laura Aylor's "Litchfield Shawl." (See July 29 post for an introduction to the project.)

And I love it!

It's blazing hot here, so there won't be any modeled shots for you this time around. But here it is, in all its MadelineTosh merino light glory: three colors (well water, grasshopper, and antler).

Not the greatest photo (indoors, not much natural light) but I am excited to share it with you nonetheless. If you want one of your very own, you can find Laura's patterns via Ravelry, or visit her website

The pattern was really well written, and it's making me think that maybe my next shawl will be Laura's new "Stella Luna." What do you think?

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