Friday, August 19, 2011

As Promised, a Little Sneak Peek for Your Shopping Pleasure

Hot off the presses!

(Well, hot off the ironing board, anyhow ...)

Six nifty new Snapdragon Pouches will go live in the Etsy Shop on Saturday morning, 10am EST. Just $10 each, and so handy for notions, cosmetics, etc.

I usually end up with at least three in whatever purse I'm toting - one for make-up and a comb; another for candy, mints, and gum; one for my pen and mechanical pencil and (nerd alert) some post-it notes.

Next week, I'm setting aside some time to work on some new design ideas; I'm obsessed with little bitty bags -- like change purses, or glasses cases, or that perfect size for your cell phone, driver's license, and a $10 bill as you dash around town.

Lest you forget (tee hee), you can check out Snappy Snapdragon Pouches, Loopy Lulu Small Project Bags, and Cindy Sue Cinch Sacks at: 

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